Jesus Film DVD Internet Game
This software initiative was developed over several months with The JESUS Film DVD. More than a year earlier, version one of this Internet Trivia Game was developed by another organization. Due to technical problems resulting from the original code written in Java, Shockwave was chosen as the new platform of choice to create a much more compelling multimedia experience for users.

Now brought to life with sound and music, this game is similar in concept to famous television trivia games, and enhanced by crowd cheering and game show host narration.

All buttons animate, as well as the questions and answers when displayed.

A key feature of this game is that it communicates, via the Internet, to an Oracle Server to keep track of all players around the world.

The JESUS Film has offered the opportunity for a winner to win a free trip to the Holy Land for an entire family.

A user's profile information is also kept on the Server (screen 3), so a user can return at any time. The game will automatically remember what question they are answering, their score and rank versus other players.

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