Evangelism Toolbox
This project was completed over a several month time period, and delivered with enough time to duplicate 10,000 units and ship them overseas to Amsterdam.

The EVToolbox was developed for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Campus Crusade for Christ as the primary CD-ROM that would be included in the Amsterdam 2000 evangelism conference registration packets. Many feel this was one of the most important conferences ever, for evangelizing the Gospel.

Almost every licensed item was given for free to the project. Licensors included Biblesoft, American Bible Society, Tyndale Publishing, The Lockman Foundation, Maranatha Music!, Hillsong Australia and Integrity Music. Two software tools were licensed as well...and with just a few phone calls and follow-up documentation, all licenses were attained in writing in less than a two week period. This experience was nothing short of miraculous. Tom Dennen of Campus Crusade worked long hours as well on the content within the Toolbox.

The technical implementation of EVToolbox included an introduction developed in Flash, while the majority of the project was developed in Shockwave, also known as Director. Nearly 20 musical selections were made available through an interactive jukebox (screen 2). This projects presented more than 100 valuable resources..without making the user seem lost in a library of countless books. A 'commercial' concept was implemented, whereby a question would be asked (screen 3), with an answer just below. If the user was interested in the answer, selecting it would send them to content specific to their need. This seems to have worked well, as we are already developing EVToolbox2 as a result of this success. The banner section at the bottom of this presentation also utilizes a similar concept. The bulk of the EVToolbox content was created in HTML and PDF formats. An embedded custom browser was developed to provide substantially adequate content viewing functionality (screen 4).

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4
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